Facebook, Coursera to Equip Job Seekers with Social Media Marketing Skills

Facebook, Coursera to Equip Job Seekers with Social Media Marketing Skills

Facebook, Coursera to Equip Job Seekers with Social Media Marketing Skills

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how crucial social media marketing skills have become as businesses around the globe pivot from brick and mortar to online.

Many social media marketing roles require technical training previously found only through an advanced degree program, and aspiring marketers have been faced with the challenge of securing both real-world experience and marketing training.

Facebook is committed to providing tools and skills to support these job seekers when they need it the most.

To help us achieve the latter at scale – and as we strive to improve economic equity for Black and Latinx learners — we are proud to partner with Coursera, the global leader in online learning, to launch a new Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Program aimed at resolving this barrier to entry and providing a pathway to employment for job seekers.

Available today, this five-course program will address the growing demand in digital skills and is designed for learners and job seekers with no prior industry experience to upskill and become ready for social media marketing jobs within a few months.

The Professional Certificate program is self-paced and designed to be completed within 20 weeks, which includes 100 hours of hands-on, project-based training in applied social media tools and general marketing skills.

After completing the program, learners will receive an industry-recognized certificate that they can use to apply for entry-level social media marketing roles.

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Through the certificate program, Facebook and Coursera will provide resources to help address some of the current barriers in the workplace that include:

  • Diverse and non-traditional candidate representation: Currently, studies show that diverse candidates are often overlooked and underrepresented within digital marketing roles due to lack of skills training options available and educational inequality due to racial basis and systemic policies. This program will help to assure equal educational opportunities and job placements, enabling more diverse and non-traditional candidates to join the industry.
  • Current digital skills: Learners will be taught from content designed by Facebook and Coursera experts in digital marketing and online instruction to combine real-world skills training with educational excellence.
  • Real-world experience: Learners will build campaigns and develop a portfolio based on real-life, workplace scenarios addressing the gap that learners encounter in achieving experience within educational instruction.
  • Soft-skills training: Learners will be coached on soft skills like grit, creativity and empathy, skills many training programs are not currently providing learners, but which are critical to success on the job and to career growth. Learners receive career and job search support to help them be successful in their roles.

The Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate was designed to teach the social media marketing technology and relevant business skills often required to land an internship or job in the Facebook advertiser ecosystem.

After completing the certificate, learners will be able to share their information with a consortium of employers who have committed to sourcing diverse talent, including Havas Media, L’ange Hair, Snow Teeth Whitening, Ruggable, Freelancer, and of course, Facebook.Facebook and Coursera to Equip Job Seekers with Social Media Marketing Skills

“Job-relevant learning and innovative credentials are critical to addressing the unemployment crisis,” said Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera.

“We are excited to join Facebook in launching an industry-backed Professional Certificate that connects learners of all backgrounds with promising job opportunities in the growing field of social media.” (Updated on September 15, 2020 at 8:15AM PT with the correct quote.)

To address the immediate needs of those who need it most, the program will be offered for free through Coursera’s social impact program in an effort to provide digital skills to underserved communities, including refugees and justice-impacted individuals.

Learn more about The Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Program and how to sign up

Facebook, Coursera to Equip Job Seekers with Social Media Marketing Skills