NACETEM  Highlights Opportunities of AI in Public  Sector

NACETEM  Highlights Opportunities of AI in Public  Sector

NACETEM  Highlights Opportunities of AI in Public  Sector

The National Centre for Technology  Management (NACETEM) on Friday said that the deployment  of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in public sector would promote efficiency  and accurate data gathering for economic growth.

The Director-General, NACETEM, Dr Olusola Odunsanya, said this in an interview  with newsmen while highlighting the opportunities  of AI in the public sector.

Odunsanya  said that data gathered from different  sources  helps  in policy framework  and decision making in government.

“If  one looks at the deployment  of artificial intelligence  in civil service, in recent times, a lot of reforms has been carried out,” he said.

He said that  such reforms  include professionalism, data driven  identification and the Integrated  Payroll and Personal Information  System  (IPPIS) that is linked to human resources.

‘’These data comes in different  ways due to data collected from different  sources and helps the government  in planning.

‘’When you juxtapose the development in the public service reforms, it now indicates to you that government  will be able to take data driven informed decisions and the application  of Artificial  intelligence  makes it faster.

‘’In spite the recent reforms the public sector is far beyond  in the deployment of these technologies  and these are the things we need,’’ he said.

According to him, it is the technologies of our time that will  define the future  of fourth industrial revolution.

“With the deployment  of these technologies, the future of work is one that will  be remote work.

”E-commerce  and e-governance will  be important and a lot of data economy generated.

“Perhaps  the data economy is the biggest  economy that Nigeria will experience.

“It is fine that Nigerian government and its functionaries and the paraphernalia  of government  realise that our wealth may not be oil anymore  but will be in e-commerce and data, which will be a huge data economy  that is emerging.

“So, we need to prepare ourselves; get ready and begin to train the critical manpower that is going to be involved.” NBS And The Task of Delivering Reliable National Data

NACETEM is an agency of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology,  vested with the mandate of training and developing middle to high level manpower and conducting policy research in the areas of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) management for all tiers of government and the private sector.