Tips on how To become social media marketing go-to person.


Tips on how To become social media marketing go-to person

This is not another motivational talk. It is the reality of the day and we are already caught in the social web.

Using social media platforms started like joke for many of us, today, it is an expertise people are striving to add to their skills set.

The impact of COVID-19 on the future of works has brought another dimension into it. It is time for unemployed person to stand up straight as many jobs are also hanging in balance.

Our lives and jobs have been impacted; especially in Nigeria where unemployment has always been over bloated.

For every person working, there are often numbers of mouths that are not fully engaged in productive activities the person may be feeding.

Hardworking people are responsible for paying monthly unemployment benefits to their families and friends that are unemployed.

While there are unemployment benefits in other climes, you are strictly on your own in Nigeria – who knows if it is by design?

This is time for your hands to find something doing, it is just that you will have to proof you can do stuffs people are willing to pay for.

Experts, consultants have been advocating for soft skills for every individual – Human Resources professionals have practically turn this to a song.

And the lyrics have always been the same – get relevant soft skills.

I have come to observe that people hardly used their certificates or the actual trainings they obtained from four walls of the institutions at work places.

No, there are few exemptions but quite a significant numbers of employee are doing different things than they were taught. How come?

Now, most companies wants to be visible online and that’s a very good business opportunity for a social media experts.

With COVID-19 and all the effects of economic lockdowns, it’s no news that  jobs will be lost.

However, there will more opportunities. Demand for social media expertise would top the rank, work with this tip.

You can do it for a number of individuals, businesses including non-profit making organisations.

All of us are on social media – I saw my Reverend Fathers there, and I doubt if Pope don’t manage one!

What exactly is social media marketing?

It is basically getting your products, services and/or organisation to be visible on social platforms to achieve particular objectives.

Billions of people troop into social media on daily basis and by using these strategies.

At individual level, we make posts each day to make expressions.

You can help SMEs

Companies are paying to increase brand visibility and create massive awareness as regarding your business.

You can find yourself doing the same – it is on you to know how to build your clientele.

Each platforms have their specific advantages.  This gives you choice to blend and appraise whichever that appeals to your clients’ needs.

For emphasis, most of what we are doing was not part of our curricular. We learned on the job, so I will also advice you keep learning by doing.

Social media marketing is a very dynamic field so you keep reading up and updating on the knowledge you have.

Here are some few tips

If you don’t have a job, you will have to learn how to use your devices very well to earn an income.

Devote your time to learning tips, search for people and small businesses that seek online presence, close a first deal and then grow.

Learn few moves, actions and strategies that would make you a go to person for social media marketing support for SMEs owners.

Here is what I think would be useful, the list is unending, though

  • Know how to engage your audience on social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, others
  • Know how to drive customers to target websites these platforms.
  • Know how to use all the social media platforms to identify marketing gaps, then design your strategies
  • Know who your target audience are
  • Get detail of their demography as this will help in setting your social media campaigns
  • Know how to address the issues for target audience
  • Know what is trending social media channels
  • Learn to communicate with your customers and prospects
  • Understand how best to market your content
  • Get familiar with data analysis: You will have a lot to deal with, and this will help tweak or change your campaigns if they are not working.

Demand for social media marketing is on the rise.

It has always been, but it will be a very new industry as COVID-19 introduces work from home demand.

If there is any time to increase your skill set, the time is now and social media is one of the skills set that you need.

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Social media has transcend being a joke, it is an EXPERTISE. Get on it if you are not already employed, turn your availability to business.

Tips on how to become social media marketing expert was written by Ogochi Ndubuisi.


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