Enugu Residents Decry Recent Increase in Price of Sachet Water

Enugu Residents Decry Recent Increase in Price of Sachet Water

Enugu Residents Decry Recent Increase in Price of Sachet Water

Some residents in Enugu metropolis have decried the recent increase in price of sachet water, popularly known as pure water, by 70 per cent increase.

They said that the recent price increase had subjected them to suffering amidst the biting economic hardship in the country.

Mr Chidi Ilora, a student, said that the recent increase in the price of sachet water was one of the worst things that had happened to him.

Ilora said that due to his inability to buy a bag of water, now sold for N400 as against N250, he almost stayed without water on a daily basis.

Mrs Helen Amobi, a resident of Agbani Road, said that the hike was not necessary at the time when people were faced with economic hardship.

Amobi urged the state government to speed up its ongoing water project so that the problem of water would be a forgotten issue.

Mr Okwy Anyanwu, a tricycle rider, said it was a serious problem as a sachet of pure water now goes for N50 as against three sachets that used to cost N50.

“We all are feeling the harsh economic reality in our beloved country, I pray that one day we will all come out of it,” he said.

A sachet water seller, Mrs Ngozi Ogbu, said that the increase was not the fault of the sellers, adding that producers were the ones increasing prices.

“As a seller, I buy from the distributor at N350 and sell to my customers at N400 per bag.

“Some sell two sachets for N50 while some sell a sachet for N50,” she said.

According to recent statement from the association of table water producers in Enugu, a bag of sachet water is sold for N300 to the distributors from the factory while the distributors sell to retailers at N350 per bag.

The association said that the increase was due to unbearable cost of production and increase in transportation cost for the distribution of the product.