Earth Day with LG:  Upcycling The Next Big Way of Investing in the Planet

Earth Day with LG:  Upcycling The Next Big Way of Investing in the Planet

Earth Day with LG:  Upcycling The Next Big Way of Investing in the Planet

“Earth Day 2022 is focused on accelerating solutions to combat our greatest threat – climate change – and to activate everyone – governments, citizens and businesses – to do their part. Everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable.”

This year’s campaign theme “Invest in our planet” is focused on engaging more than 1 billion people, governments, institutions and businesses who participate in Earth Day to recognize a collective responsibility and, organizers added, to help accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all.

LG Electronics Nigeria has launched its 2022 campaign titled “Upcycle with LG’’ which will kick off today April 22nd the global celebration of Earth Day and will run until May 18th. For us at LG Electronics we want to channel our energy into Upcycling which includes an Influencer Campaign featuring upcycling LG Cartons. The campaign will be live on LG Social Media Channels to raise awareness about the urgency of taking action for the environment.

Upcycling LG Carton- a new kind of product packaging that facilitates the upcycling of the LG boxes. “Mustn’t there be a way to turn your product packaging into something useful, rather than just disposing of it?” Never do away with your LG cartons, consumers can upcycle the packaging and turn them into small versatile pieces of furniture.

This Upcycle the LG Carton campaign is accompanied by an invitation to all Nigerians to take concrete action and demonstrate their commitment to the planet firstly by showcasing that LG Cartons can be fully upcycled. But there’s a common misperception that Upcycled Stuff Is Just Junk. We want to dispel this myth to encourage more consumers to upcycle their cartons and preserve valuable materials to support the circular economy. Part of upcycling’s value comes from the ability to see beauty where other people see junk.

In this campaign on upcycling myths, we explore the important role consumers have to play, how LG cartons are upcycled and the types of products the materials can be used to make.

Do you own an LG Product at home and still have the cartons? This is the right time to put the cartons into use.

“Regardless of how you choose to invest, there’s never been a more important time to celebrate this holiday. As humans run short on time to curb climate change and prevent catastrophic calamity, it’s important for everyone to take serious, bold actions toward a sustainable future, says Mr. Hari Elluru, Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West Africa Operations.

He said, “Although our initiative about Carton upcycling may not bring about a drastic reduction in paper waste, we hope that our efforts will seek to increase awareness for the relevant environmental issues.”


Citizen Action in the Spotlight

Beginning today, citizens are invited to share their Earth Day video testimonials (in the form of stories) of what they are doing to take care of the planet with LG Carton. Stories can be shared on social networks, by using

  1. Recreate the video or make new styles with the LG carton.
  2. Post online using the tag
  3. Get your friends & family to share your post
  4. Winners will be randomly selected based on creativity on May 18th

Winners will be selected randomly and be presented with shopping vouchers based on creativity among the participants who make creative designs.

LG has committed to transitioning completely to renewable energy by 2050 as a key component of its sustainability strategy. Since making its Zero Carbon 2030 pledge in 2019, LG has been implementing various initiatives in line with its promise to meet its commitments by the target date. By 2030, LG is on track to reduce carbon emissions generated at its worldwide business sites by 50 percent compared to 2017 figures, while simultaneously expanding its use of renewable energy.

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