Dry Season: Sachet Water Sellers Make Brisk Business in Enugu

Dry Season: Sachet Water Sellers Make Brisk Business in Enugu

Dry Season: Sachet Water Sellers Make Brisk Business in Enugu

Some hawkers of sachet water in Enugu State capital, also known as pure water, are presently making increased sales in the state with the rising demand for the product due to increasing dry weather.

Correspondent, who monitored the level of patronage on the product, on Monday observed that most of the hawkers have raised their daily purchases to meet the increased demand.

Some of the hawkers said that there was a boost in daily sales of the commodity and attributed the high patronage to customers’ urge to quench their thirst following the dry and harsh weather.

Miss Joy Ibe, a dealer in sachet water, said that the dryness of the weather had made many people to demand for sachet water, thereby, increasing her daily sales.

“I hardly finished three bags of water in a day before now, but l sell between 10 and 15 bags daily,” Ibe said.

“The sudden dry and harsh weather we are experiencing now have necessitated the increase in sachet water patronage.’’

Another sachet water hawker, Master Chidi Oko, said that the harsh weather provided him an opportunity to make some money to augment his transportation fares to school daily. NBS And The Task of Delivering Reliable National Data

He said, “l sell between eight and 12 bags of sachet water before 5 p.m. daily due to its high demand. Paying for my transportation fares to school will not be a problem.

A dealer of the product at Maryland, Enugu, Mrs Juliet Eke, said she usually sells more than 150 bags in a day due to her shop’s location as hawkers usually patronize her.

Eke said that before the harsh weather, she was making a little profit of N12,000 daily, adding that presently she could make a profit of more than N15,000 daily.

According to her, a bag of sachet water goes for N250 while a sachet is sold for N20.

The harmattan season, which usually characterized by dry weather is making people to demand for more sachet water to quench their thirst.