Akeredolu allays fear over Owo shooting

Akeredolu allays fear over Owo shooting

Akeredolu allays fear over Owo shooting


Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has allayed the fear of the people of the state over the shooting at the site of a construction company in Owo on Wednesday evening.

Akeredolu, who visited the construction company on Thursday with other heads of security agencies in the state, said “the shooting was not to maim and kill.”

“l want to allay the fear of our people. Clearly, what happened here on Wednesday night was not an attempt to kidnap anybody because they went away with nobody. And we have in the premises over hundred people living there.

“There were sporadic gunshots at the wall but they never went inside to kill anybody. It is better for everybody to know.

“They didn’t go inside there to kill anybody. The only two people who had some gunshots were security men who they saw outside the premises.

“So, it is clear to us that their intention was to attack one or two equipment here, which they did. Their explosives affected the tyres and the windscreen of another vehicle. And we have close to 50 vehicles here.

“For us we are looking at it. We are not clear yet about their intention, but this is not one that should send unnecessary panic or fear into the minds of our people. This should not cause panic,” he said.

The governor assured all construction companies in the state of adequate protection.

“For the contractors, Owo is a relatively safe place for them.

“So, they didn’t have armed people here. Maybe we will have to support them to have armed people here to protect all their equipments and vehicles.

“They have been here for over five years. They had the Ore bridge, they had other roads. So, they are doing so many things for us and they are doing well and we are ready to give them necessary protection,” Akeredolu said.

The governor also reassured the people of his administration’s commitment to protect lives and property.

“We will protect our people and their property. So, there should be no panic.

“Yes, there was shooting but it was not anything near what we had during June 5 attack at St Francis. This was not aimed to maim and kill. No.

“I believe our people will understand better to know the difference. So, there is no need for any panic, no need.

“We have given them all the assurance, we will get this place protected. I will continue to support them,” he said.

#Akeredolu allays fear over Owo shooting#