US 2020: Facebook Launches Voting Information Center

US 2020: Facebook Launches Voting Information Center
Voting Center Info

US 2020: Facebook Launches Voting Information Center

This includes but not limited to:

  • A one-stop-shop for information on how to register and vote
  • Will include tool for people to sign up as poll workers across the country  
  • Part of unprecedented effort to help 4 million voters register this year

Earlier this year Facebook announced that they were conducting the largest voting information campaign in American history, with the goal of helping 4 million voters register this year using Facebook, Instagram and Messenger for the upcoming general elections.

As part of that campaign, The Voting Information Center has been launched on Facebook and Instagram, which will serve as a one-stop-shop to give people in the US the tools and information they need to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

The goal of this platform, together with the registration efforts, is simple: to help every eligible voter in the US who uses the available platform vote this year and make their vote count. 

“It is also important that we help protect the integrity of our elections. This new product connects everyone on Facebook and Instagram to accurate and easy-to-find information about voting wherever they live, helping empower them to hold their elected officials accountable”, – Facebook

This is a nonpartisan effort that’s available to everyone, and notifications will be at the top of Facebook and Instagram targeted by age and location so people of voting age see relevant information in their respective states.

With many states making changes to the voting process because of the pandemic, the center is also designed to help people navigate a confusing election process and cast their votes easily.

Based on Facebook’s COVID-19 Information Center, which has been providing accurate and authoritative information from health authorities about the pandemic since March. This will do the same for voting.

How It Works

People can access the Voting Information Center directly from the menu on Facebook and Instagram. They can use it to check if they’re registered to vote – and if they’re not, they can easily register through a link that takes them directly to their state website or Facebook’s nonpartisan partner.

They can see if their state has expanded vote-by-mail options and request absentee or mail-in ballots from their state if it’s available. And if a deadline is approaching they’ll be notified so they don’t miss it. 

Link to and source information from state election officials and other nonpartisan civic organizations are also features of the Voting Information Centers,. And as stated by Facebook they’ll continue to work closely with state election officials through November to ensure the centers are updated with the latest election information in each state.

In addition to working with state election authorities to confirm the accuracy of election information, a new feature will be launched on Facebook called “Voting Alerts” to help state and local election authorities reach their constituents with important updates about voting.

This will be increasingly critical as we get closer to the election, with potential late-breaking changes to the voting process that could impact voters. Only pages from a government authority, not the personal page of an individual election official, are eligible to participate in this feature. 

Facts About Voting section will also be available with articles on important topics about the election and voting, supplied by the Bipartisan Policy Center. As part of our efforts to stop misinformation, we’re connecting people with the facts about common election topics so they’re equipped to spot misinformation for themselves – not only Facebook platforms but elsewhere on the internet and the broader media ecosystem.

The federal government estimates there are 3 million US citizens living abroad who are eligible to vote. For them, including those in the military, we’re adding information on how to register and vote absentee from overseas. 

US 2020: Facebook Launches Voting Information Center
US Voting Info

Providing More Resources for Voters 

Last month, labels were added to Facebook posts from federal politicians discussing voting so that people have easy access to the latest official election information.

Starting today, we are rolling out these labels to apply to posts on voting in the US on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, people will now be able to access the information center directly from ads about social issues, elections or politics by clicking on the “i” or the “Paid for by” disclaimer.

This isn’t a judgment on whether those posts or ads are accurate. It’s a way to ensure that people can access accurate election information without searching around.

Recruiting Poll Workers

State election officials says they are having trouble recruiting poll workers this year due to concerns about the coronavirus. Poll workers play an important role in every election – making sure things run smoothly on Election Day and during early voting periods.

So we’re adding a call in the Voting Information Center for people to sign up as a poll worker through their state. We’re also offering free ad credits to state election authorities in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia to help them recruit poll workers. 

What do you think, should this also be implemented in Nigeria’s Electoral System? Drop your comments below

US 2020: Facebook Launches Voting Information Center 



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