Sarchel Necesio Among the 100 most Influential People in Lusophony

Sarchel Necesio among the 100 most influential people in Lusophony
Sarchel Necesio, CEO Platinaline

Sarchel Necesio Among the 100 most Influential People in Lusophony


The CEO of the Angolan portal, platinaline, is on the list of the 100 most influential scraps of Lusophony. The results were released this Monday, December 13, in a list that brings together the most influential black personalities in Lusophony, an initiative of the digital magazine Bantumen.

Ten years ago, Sarchel created PlatinaLine, Angola’s biggest celebrity and lifestyle site and is also the biggest news site in Africa, an award achieved in 2017 at the event that honors its creator today, the African Entertainment Awards. PlatinaLine emerged in a context of business opportunities and needs, the video channel and production company, which has become a reference in the Angolan market and throughout Africa.

“The biggest entertainment portal in Angola” Platinaline, leads the list of the best sites to visit and get real-time information about Angolan and foreign public figures, second only to Facebook, being ahead of giants like Google, according to the latest data from the Angolan operator, Movicel.

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Sarchel is also a partner in an initiative to bring free internet access to the African continent. The app offers free access to a range of useful content such as health information, news, research, employment, weather forecasts, messages and Facebook.

The COVID and Running the Business

While for some, Covid’s situation brought some downsides to the business, for the founder and CEO of the Platinum Line website, the Pandemic turned out to be a positive element. It was a period where business and social responsibility actions were consolidated.

Today, the entrepreneur owns the Platinum Line Site, a Radio broadcast on a Modelled frequency, Shareholder of a top 3 of the most consumed sports sites in the country, holder of the Tourism Start up award, and Co-director and Owner of the “Live No Kubico Project” holds also with STEP the organization of the Golden Globes Angola, Platina Media Films (company dedicated to audiovisual spots, Platina Store (Shop dedicated to entertainment at Shopping Talatona) Platina Live Streaming (leader in the Streaming Sector) and shareholder of Bantu Games, company dedicated to video games, and augmented reality.


Sarchel Necesio Among the 100 most Influential People in Lusophony