Rising Inflation, Low Yields: Where are Nigerians Investing?

Rising Inflation, Low Yields: Where are Nigerians Investing?

Rising Inflation, Low Yields: Where are Nigerians Investing?

Inflation rate is weighing heavily on Naira asset as the local currency struggle to survive another round of devaluation. Making money is painless for some people, but quite a large numbers of people have to work for their financial freedom.

Risk, terrible when it works against expectation, but a sweet savour when it pans out for an investment plan.

As often said, the difference between Poor and Rich man is how they search and use information, most billionaires are not really genius.

It beats ones imagination knowing that many of those struggling with their finances are well trained and appropriately qualified but lacking financial literacy skills.

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Unfortunately, 99 percentile don’t seek professional advice when it comes to money. This is unlike in well developed economies.

What is the plan?

Retirement? Wedding? Kids’ Education, House? Name it. Whatever your needs may be, it is what an appropriate financial plan can deliver.

It begins with understanding what your financial demand of tomorrow will be like, and putting a seed (an investment) on the ground today.

But most people that want to safe or invest their own way almost always hit financial iceberg.

You can do it yourself though, buying professional services of wealth managers is key to having more information, and understanding developments.

There are a lot of financial investment opportunities with Nigerian stockbrokers and other funds managers’ average Nigerians rarely key into.

Meristem Securities investment opportunities:

  • Dollar Investment

Naira assets is not safe as an investment opportunity at the moment. So, Meristem dollar investment would give foreign currency translation advantage.

Why do I think so? Nigeria has no special program for its local currency, I bet the rich class will never allow currency redenomination – though Ghana did.

So, until there program that support fourth industrial revolution, Nigeria will remain a consumers’ economy.

Investment in dollar asset is more of it if you care for the upside, or wish to protect your financial position.

This dollarised investment offers you a shield from currency risk. It is a great way to spread your investment and reduce your risk exposure.

The Meristem Dollar investment creates a platform for you to earn interest in foreign currency and invest in dollar denominated instruments.

Minimum contribution: $2000

Multiples of: $500

Period: 6-months

Going for Mutual Fund?

This offers a low-cost method of investing in bonds, stocks, treasury bills and other fixed income instruments while offering you a professional, full-time fund manager.

Our mutual funds allow you begin your investment journey with as low as NGN10,000 for the first month and fund your account with any amount subsequently.

Our mutual fund account never expires and allows you gain interests as early as after 30days. The Meristem Mutual funds offer comes in two types;

Money Market Fund: The money market fund is a low risk fund that invests in a combination of fixed income instruments like treasury bills, commercial papers, fixed deposit and call placement.


What are your goals? Better savings culture? Wedding? Retirement? A new home? Education abroad for yourself or your children? Whatever, the goal is, you can only achieve it with the discipline a target date portfolio affords you.

With a target date portfolio, you go from dreaming or wishing to live your goals. It allows you to set your target and achieve them when they matter most or before.

Minimum and target period are customise to investors requirement.


This is a British pound denominated investment, designed to offer investors the actual advantage of currency appreciation and rental income.

Through this product, investors have the opportunity to co-own real estate and generate income via short let rental and full-term tenancy arrangement.

Minimum Contribution: £2000 and £500 multiples period=6 months


The fixed term investment account serves as a better alternative to a savings account, especially for people looking to achieve set short-term projects.

It affords individuals the opportunity to set aside money and get higher interest than a typical savings account in 30days. Are you looking to get a new phone? House? Or just a better way to save? FIXTIP makes all that easy.

Minimum Contribution: N200,000/month


Treasury bills, also known as “T-bills,” are investment options issued by the Nigerian government.

Treasury Bills afford you the opportunity to lend money to the government and get paid back with interest after a period time usually 91days, 182 days or 364days subject to your choice.

This investment also offers you the opportunity to get your interest upfront or re-invest your capital plus interest after your investment tenure is over.

T-bills is a great way to save for rent, school fees and other capital-intensive cost you may have.

Minimum Contribution: #1,000,000/91,182,364 days


This is a great way to invest. It is a long-term investment that offers you the opportunity to loan the government money and get paid interest after a duration of more than one year.

Bond investment is highly recommended for those looking to raise funds for capital intensive projects (e.g. new houses, new offices, etc.), save for retirement or wealth preservation.

Minimum Contribution: #50,001,000 for Minimum more than 1 year