MAGGI ‘O Setigo’ Season 2 Returns with 2-Million-Naira Grand Price

MAGGI ‘O Setigo’ Season 2 Returns with 2-Million-Naira Grand Price

MAGGI ‘O Setigo’ Season 2 Returns with 2-Million-Naira Grand Price


O Setigo – MAGGI’s cooking competition – returns with 12 contestants

competing for 2-Million-Naira grand prize this season. Other prizes include 1-

Million-Naira for the first runner-up, 500,000 Naira for the second runner-up and

other cash and consolation prizes. The exciting journey will kick off as the show

premiers on the 6th of August 2022. The 11 episodes of the show will air for 6

weeks on major TV stations, both terrestrial and cable.


This season, two contestants were selected from each of the different auditions

in Enugu, Akwa, Umuahia, Owerri, Asaba, and Port-Harcourt. Their meals will be

judged by top celebrities; Noble Igwe, Alex Unusual and Uriel Oputa. Uzor

Osimpka will anchor the show bringing her talent and deftness to create a lot of

excitement for viewers.


The show is a Meal-Master cooking competition organized by MAGGI Nigeria to

further appreciate the Southern food culture. MAGGI Nigeria’s vision is to

enhance creativity with local cuisine as the diversity of tasty traditional meals is

one of the exciting parts of their culture largely embraced by Nigerians.


The cooking show aims to encourage young Nigerians to explore exciting ways

of cooking and enjoying the food they love, presenting the best of Southern

dishes. The contestants will showcase their culinary prowess, entertain, and

educate viewers at home on techniques they can use to cook mouth-watering



Season 2, in addition to the display of culinary expertise, will be thrilling and

exciting. This season will be filled with suspense and creativity, as MAGGI has

planned to take culinary expertise to another level. The show will showcase the

use of fresh ingredients to ensure healthy nutrition and provide consumers with

tips for maintaining healthy lifestyles.


Don’t miss out on any episode this Season, catch all the action from the

auditions to grand finale on these stations:

  • Trace Naija- Sat (7-7:30pm) & Sun (6-6:30pm)
  • African Magic Igbo- Sat & Sun (7-7:30pm)
  • ROK 2- Sat & Sun (6-6:30pm)
  • Isibido- Sat & Sun (7:30-8:00pm)
  • Orient TV- Sat (8-8:30pm) & Sun (7-7:30pm)
  • ABS Akwa- Sun (8-8:30pm)
  • DBS Asaba- Sat (7-7:30pm) & Sun (7-7:30pm)
  • MAGGI Nigeria on YouTube.

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