ICSAN lauds FG on NNPCL unveiling

ICSAN lauds FG on NNPCL unveiling

ICSAN lauds FG on NNPCL unveiling


The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria (ICSAN), has lauded the Federal Government for unveiling the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) as a new entity.

ICSAN President, Mr Gbenga Owokalade, who described the development as a positive one, said it has freed the NNPC from institutional regulations and given it the power to conduct its affairs as a private company.

Owokalade said that development would ensure greater efficiency and boost transparency in the oil and gas sector. https://icsan.org

“The new entity, NNPCL is now a commercially-oriented national petroleum company with all the attributes of a thriving private enterprise.

“As a leading professional institute on corporate governance and public administration, we applaud the vision behind this structural substitution of the NNPC with NNPCL, which is to ensure greater efficiency and transparency in the oil exploration and distribution system.

“We believe the new entity is more structurally poised and organically well-adjusted to provide a pivotal role for the sector.

“This transition to a private company will enable the company to be more value-driven and its operations more inclined to conform to international best practices.

“This is a very laudable development and we comment on it for the positive implications it portends for the energy sector and the nation’s economy in general.

He advised the management of the NNPCL to ensure that the principles of corporate governance are well-entrenched in the new entity for the company to fully reap the benefits of its emergence as a private company.

He reiterated the need for an adequate framework of risk management and control system within the new entity, NNPCL.

“Furthermore, proper checks and balances must be built into the system to ensure effective operation and efficiency of the company is not at any time compromised,” he said.

#ICSAN lauds FG on NNPCL unveiling#