Airtel Ranks Fastest Network Provider in Nigeria

Airtel Ranks Fastest Network Provider in Nigeria

Airtel Ranks Fastest Network Provider in Nigeria


Airtel Nigeria, a telecommunications company, says it has been rated the fastest network provider in Nigeria according to Crowdsourcing firm, SpeedChecker.

Airtel Nigeria made this known in a statement on Friday.

It said that in SpeedChecker’s report in 2021 for Africa’s Mobile Network Champions, Airtel Nigeria recorded an average country mobile download speed of 11.55Mbit/s.

Airtel said the report, which was released over the weekend, ranked countries and mobile network operators in two different categories – fastest mobile network champion and best mobile coverage champion.

According to the report, internet speed in Nigeria ranked 16th out of the 46 countries that were examined by SpeedChecker.

The report highlighted the data point samples collected from 3,436,863 mobile devices between January 2021 and January 2022 from end user devices running Android and iOS systems in different countries across Africa.

It said that this provided a true picture of how the mobile networks were performing on the continent according to download speeds.

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“The SpeedChecker report for Africa’s Mobile Network Champions can be accessed at,” it said.

SpeedChecker helps mobile operators get a better understanding of their network from the end-user perspective by collecting billions of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) directly from mobile devices.

They also assist by analysing Radio Access Network (RAN) data from Operation Support System (OSS) counters, giving comprehensive reports that show why the quality of network is good or bad, and the tangible steps to improve it.

Airtel Ranks Fastest Network Provider in Nigeria